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We're planning a sustainable, net zero carbon cohousing scheme in Cardiff of new purpose-built, self-contained houses or apartments with shared community spaces, for a group of six to fifteen households of families, couples and single people.


What is cohousing?

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And if you think that you'd like to be involved, whether as an active participant in the project who can help steer it to its goals, or as someone who one day might like to live in a scheme like this, please join us. 

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We aim to develop and build...

... self-contained private homes - spacious, airy, well-insulated, sound-proofed apartments built to the highest standards, with one, two or three bedrooms, living spaces, kitchen, bathroom and a balcony or terrace overlooking the gardens.

... shared, communal spaces: gardens, and areas such as an office space, recreation room and other facilities. These shared spaces will be owned and maintained by the cohousing association.

... additional shared resources and facilities, for the use of its members as needed - for example, extra spare rooms for visitors, a car club and so on. These resources will be owned and maintained by the cohousing association.

... a cohousing association, owned and run by its members. It's an ongoing, local, democratic project. We're advised by an experienced member of the successful Bridport Cohousing project. We're in conversation with local architects and developers who have experience in sustainable housing development and design.

... a sustainable, net zero carbon complex, constructed using the highest-quality materials and using modern techniques to maintain energy efficiency. Energy bills will be minimal, and the overall environmental impact of the building will be as low as possible.

... better and more affordable housing, providing an opportunity for people to enjoy facilities, space and a better standard of living than would otherwise be possible. We aim to work with local partners to offer rented accommodation at social rent levels, and a shared ownership scheme to help buyers.