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Before joining as a formal member, please join the open group to find out more about our plans and who we are. It's friendly and informal, and all are welcome. The group includes people from all kinds of backgrounds and in various different situations.

The Slack group is our main tool for co-ordinating planning and discussing the project. We also hold regular, informal meetings online. 

No fees are required and no commitment is implied. If you prefer to email or telephone before signing up to Slack, please do.

Formal membership

Prospective residents of the planned Cardiff Cohousing community are members of Cardiff Cohousing Ltd, a Company Limited by Guarantee.

All individuals who become members are equal owners with equal voting rights (one vote per member) of the company. Members are legally bound by the company's Articles of Association, and by the company's rules and bye-laws.

All members are also directors of the company, and are expected to take an active part in its decision-making processes.

Membership fees are £12 per person per month.

Membership is subject to the agreement of the existing directors.

Cardiff Cohousing is a Company Limited by Guarantee registered in England and Wales, company number 13092469.

Registered office: 9 Aubrey Avenue, Cardiff CF5 1AQ.