Cardiff Cohousing/


Task Status
Explore possibilities and establish feasibility Is cohousing needed, wanted or possible in Cardiff? Are there enough people willing to get involved? How much effort, time and money is required, and do we have enough of each? What would we like to achieve? In progress
Form a steering group A project like this needs a committed group of people willing to put in a substantial amount of work to bring it to fruition. They will need numerous skills, and to learn new ones. In progress
Establish values and aims What are the key aims of the project? Are affordability, sustainability, quality of living space and community value all possible, here in Cardiff? If compromises have to be made, what compromises can be considered acceptable? In progress
Establish a legal entity Cardiff Cohousing Ltd is Company Limited By Guarantee number 13092469 Complete
Seek funding and partners The project will require funding - the participants alone will not be able to fund it. Partners will need to be found that can support the project financially, and bear some of its risks. We will need to work with architects, Cardiff Council and housing associations. In progress
Find a site Housing and land for housing are in short supply in Cardiff. Finding an affordable site in an appropriate location will be difficult. Five possible sites identified
Agree funding Once a site is found and partners are in place, commitments will be made to proceed.
Design the development However much planning has gone into the process, the final design will need to be site-specific, and answer to the needs of all the parties and stakeholders involved.
Obtain planning permission Planning permission will need to be obtained; if necessary, plans will need to be revised.
Build the development Building genuinely sustainable housing means adopting materials and techniques that are unfamiliar to many builders. Finding the right building partner will also be a challenge.
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